In today’s Herald: The Herald’s Re-Design

For a fuller explanation and comment about our new design, I’d refer you to the blog of Editor Billy Liggett (click on his name in the right-hand side of this page).

So far, the feedback about the re-design has been very positive. Hopefully if you’re reading this, you’ve already checked it out.

A word here about Billy Liggett… Billy joined The Herald back in February and has been a great addition to our staff and has done a wonderful job leading the newsroom. He did most of the work on the re-design. Our goal in this project has been to add usefulness to our physical product and relevance to our coverage of news and sports, and Billy has succeeded in doing that with the new look.

My personal favorite part of the new package is Page 2 – our “2nd front.” Page 2 used to be our Nation/World page, but we’ve reconfigured things to create a chance to bring more local copy, information, lists, etc., on this page. A great new addition is “Faces & Places,” where we publish at least one smile a day to get you off to a great start.

Our section fronts (Sports, Carolina, Our Region, etc.) are also key elements to the newly-designed product.

As part of introducing the new design, we delivered papers on Tuesday morning to a number of local restaurants. Our Circulation Manager, Jeff Ayers, told me the story of one site where one of our district managers dropped off bundles of that day’s edition of The Herald for customers to sample for free. The folks who operate the restaurant were very familiar with our project and were eager to see “the new” newspaper, and gave us great feedback about the look. One employee there, though, who apparently wasn’t a fan of The Herald, thought what was being brought in were copies of a brand-new product. She said, when hearing about “the new” paper, “Good…we need a new newspaper.” We all got a nice laugh out of that, but we’re hoping former readers and occasional readers will give The Herald’s new look and new approach to local news a chance to grow on them.

Let us know what you think. It’s your newspaper and what you think is all that matters.

Happy reading…


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