Today’s List: Guilty Pleasures


I’m on a low-carb diet and I’m not doing bread, sugar or dessert, for the most part, but occasionally (South Beach allows this, Atkins doesn’t – if you’re familiar with those diets) I’ll get a treat. Here are my favorite guilty pleasures: 

1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Firehouse Subs. Ordinarily I’m a chocolate-chip type, but I’ve been doing oatmeal raisin to get the fiber, despite the fact that raisins are very high in natural sugar. The oatmeal raisin cookies at Firehouse Subs are the best because they’re allowed to remain in the oven for more than a few minutes. In other words, I like cookies “done,” not barely baked. Crunchy, flavorful – they’re the best. Occasionally you’ll find a batch at Subway (I’m doing lots of salads these days) that stay in the oven a little longer than the franchisee intended, and those are pretty good. But day in and day out, nothing beats what you’ll find at Firehouse Subs.

2. Frozen Mocha from Mr. Bean’s Coffee Shop. This is a rare, rare treat that’s hard to beat. I fell in love with frozen mochas during a trip to Canada two summers ago. Every morning we’d walk to Tim Hortons, the famous doughnut shops created by the late Tim Horton (“Hortons” is correct in the name – over time the apostrophe disappeared), the great hockey player. We’d grab breakast, and I’d always eschew the sugary doughnuts for the frozen concoction they’ve named “Iced Capp.” It’s a blended cappucino with chocolate. I’d tried frozen mochas everywhere, including the Starbucks variety, but nothing beats what they whip up out at Mr. Bean’s.

3. BBQ-flavored sunflower seeds. Definitely a low-carb treat. I got hooked on sunflower seeds years and years ago, but have never ventured into the “flavored” variety until recently. I’ve given up BBQ potato chips, and these are definitely the next best thing.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Tell me about yours – click on the comment link below…


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