Today’s List: Favorite Lines From “The Princess Bride”


If you haven’t seen “The Princess Bride,” you’ve missed one of the classic pieces of movie-making. It’s been one of my family’s favorite films for many years, and as many times as I’ve seen it (at least 20) it never fails to entertain. Lee Ann and I always loved it, and when our kids were old enough to watch it (probably 8 or 9 years old) we introduced it to them. In addition to being great fun, “Princess Bride” has some of the most memorable lines in movie history.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Inigo Montoya goes to Miracle Max, looking for a miracle cure for Westley, who’s been tortured on “the machine” in the Pit of Despair.

Inigo: Are you the Miracle Max who worked for the king all those years?

Miracle Max: The King’s stinking son fired me, and thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it? We’re closed!


Westley regains consciousness following his miracle, and awakens near the castle with Inigo and Fezzik.

Westley: Who are you? Are we enemies? Why am I on this wall? Where is Buttercup?

Inigo: Let me ‘splain. (Pause.) No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup is marrying Humperdinck in a little less than half an hour. So all we have to do is get in, break up the wedding, steal the princess, make our escape… after I kill Count Rugen.


I would not say such things if I were you!!!


And, of course: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!!”

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the classic “Battle of Wits” scene from the film…


6 Responses to Today’s List: Favorite Lines From “The Princess Bride”

  1. kjcd says:

    “No more rhyming, now, I mean it!”
    “Anybody want a peanut???”

    Okay, really, the whole entire script is worthy of mention…

  2. Sunniebgi says:

    Also one of my favorites.. Have it in my collection of DVD’s. Can’t get the kids to watch much, but I laugh through it whenever I watch.

    I cannot imagine how the actors actually got through the making of this movie.

    I agree that the whole script is worth of mention…

  3. Gordon says:

    “Truly, your intellect is dizzying.”

  4. Jon says:

    What about Labyrinth? You can’t mention one without the other. And Labyrinth had David Bowie!!!

  5. Zachary says:

    Yeah, “truly you have a dizzying intellect.” “Wait till I get started! Where was I?”

  6. Ryan says:


    “You wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”

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