Our People: Don Bailey

It’s all about the people.

We have great people here at The Herald. Here’s a chance to learn about some of them…  

DON BAILEY | Production Manager

Don Bailey

You might say that Don Bailey was scarred for life after working at The Herald.

Bailey, 63, came to The Herald for the first time in 1967, working as a linetype operator. He left about two years later to take a job at The Roberts Company, working as a press operator, but saw the proverbial light and came back in 1971 – and he’s been here ever since.

The scars? A small one on a knuckle, courtesy of a linotype machine. The large one on his right wrist came while working on the folder of the press. I was working at The Herald the summer that happened, and I’d never seen so much blood. That one earned Don a trip on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance and later, an operation. It also scared many of us half to death. When he came back to work, we were overjoyed.

With computers playing a bigger role in the newspaper industry and with the eventual switch to digital desktop publishing, Don’s role here has changed as well. He’s been the building superintendent here for as long as I can remember… Our building is so old, and that work hasn’t changed much, but the technical advances in newspapering have required that Don learn many new things. We’re all thankful he has such a great mind for the mechanics of technology. Don’s our resident computer guru, and you can bet that if it’s broken, he can fix it…and if he can’t fix it, it needs to be replaced.

Don’s cantankerous at times, and his gruffness doesn’t always do a good job of covering up a warm and compassionate heart. You get glimpses of it at times, especially when he’s talking about his dogs (he and wife Grace have three dogs, all of which are about nine years old – a golden retriever and two shar pei-cocker spaniel mixes) or Hilary Clinton. When he’s not doing production work or building maintenance here, you can find him working outside in his yard and, on most Sundays, watching the Nextel Cup race.

The digital printing age creates far fewer injuries than the old ways in our business, but still quite a few headaches. So it’s good to have someone like Don here at The Herald to keep the headaches away.  


One Response to Our People: Don Bailey

  1. Jamie says:

    When I was a little girl, one of my favorite stories was “Mr. Fix-It” by Richard Scarry, a picture book about a wolf who could fix anything. In my nearly 10 years with the Herald, I’ve come to know Don as my own personal “Mr. Fix-It.” Whether it’s a problem with my computer or a light above my desk or the women’s bathroom, he’s always right there to lend a hand. I joke with him about being cantankerous and “old,” but I must agree with you – he has a huge heart.

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