Our People: Hilary Funderburk


OUR PEOPLE | Hilary Funderburk 

Hilary Funderburk has a purple belt in karate. And a black belt in advertising design.

The 28-year-old Mocksville native has an associates’ degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Guilford Technical College and a similar certification from Forsyth Tech, but came to work at The Herald in what’s essentially an accounting position in the Retail Advertising Department. She left, briefly, but returned in 2003 and in the last year finally made the move into our production department, where she builds ads, works with graphics and photos, outputs page film and more. She’s a skilled designer and whenever the ad staff needs a special touch to an ad, they call in Hilary.

Hilary’s husband, Roger, is in the military and was stationed at Fort Bragg when she took the job here.

“I’ve been reading newspapers since I was 5, so I guess its always been a part of my life,” she said. “It’s neat to know the news ahead of time, or to get to read the comics that everyone else won’t see for two more weeks.”

In addition to her computer design and karate skills – along the lines of the “computer hacking skills, nunchuk skills…” that Napoleon Dynamite thinks are so essential – Hilary is also a talented free-hand artist who enjoys comic books and manga, a form of Japanese comics. One day she’d even like to learn the Japanese language.

Unlike most of her fellow Herald employees, Hilary isn’t a sports fan. She says she’d rather watch “House” on TV and spend time with her husband and their three cats, Chi-Chi, Little Bit and Kitsey.


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