On Screen: Bee Movie


We went as a family to Jerry Seinfeld’s “Bee Movie” over the weekend and it was really a great flick. The animation was probably the best of all Dreamworks’ animated films so far, and the riffs on pop culture were smart and not crude. The storyline was a bit uneven, but overall it’s a nice way to spend a night. If you’re considering taking your kids, it’s good for those 8 or 9 and older.

Especially funny were the bits on pop culture icons like Larry King, Sting (the erstwhile lead singer of The Police) and NPR, and there was a running gag about actor Ray Liotta that was particularly good (especially if you’re a Liotta fan). “Bee Movie” also spoofed Tivo, NRP (National Public Radio), southern lawyers, the race card and more.

If you missed it, you can catch Jerry Seinfeld’s appearance on Larry King Live – where he discusses the movie – here.


One Response to On Screen: Bee Movie

  1. jonbowens says:

    I went to see it on Friday. As kids’ movies go, it was pretty entertaining for a 26 year-old. My favorite part was Chris Rock as a mosquito on the windshield. The dead grasshoppr bit was hilarious.

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