Nostalgic Song of the Day: “Promises, Promises”


Song: Promises, Promises
Artist: Naked Eyes
Year: 1983
Where I heard it: XM Channel 8

Naked Eyes was an English duo featuring Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher, childhood friends from Bath. At one point they were members in a band called “Neon,” which included future members of another 80s sensation, Tears for Fears. After Neon broke up, Byrne and Fisher stayed together to form Naked Eyes, with the former doing the singing and the latter on keyboards.

Released in 1983, Naked Eyes’ debut album “Burning Bridges” included three hit singles in the United States. It was a huge hit in the U. S., but strangely the band remained nearly unknown back at home. A follow-up album, “Fuel for the Fire,” didn’t sell well and duo broke up shortly after its release.

I joined the “Columbia House” record club in 1983, while I was in college, and this was one of my “10 cassettes for 1 cent” tape orders…

In the lyrics:

You can’t finish what you start | If this is love, it breaks my heart

You made me promises, promises | You knew you’d never keep

Promises, promises | Why do I believe?

Check out the video for “Promises, Promises”


One Response to Nostalgic Song of the Day: “Promises, Promises”

  1. John Sposato says:

    I’ve had my fan site running off and on for two years. Come check it out.

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