Hockey Stuff: Sean Avery’s Warm-Up Antics

SEAN AVERY | Pesky agitator does it again 

Sean Avery, who plays for the NHL’s New York Rangers, has been universally loved by his teammates and hated by just about everyone else. He’s a good player who sparked the Rangers to a nice playoff run last season, scoring key goals at key times, but his knack for being an agitator – a pesky pest whose primary role is to throw off the other teams’ game – has stretched the boundaries of decency in the last few years.

In-game fisticuffs are a part of the game, but to create it during the warm-ups? That’s what he did this past weekend prior to the Rangers/Toronto Maple Leafs game. Today, the NHL handed out the fines: $25,000 to the Rangers, $10,000 to the Leafs, $2,500 to Avery and $1,000 to Darcy Tucker.

Here’s a segment from “Hockey Night in Canada” showing the incident that sparked the fines. The commentators are Ron MacLean on the left and “Coach” Don Cherry on the right. (The pair, incidentally, are as well-known to Canadians as any TV personalities in the U. S.)


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