Rock Chalk Jayhawk…Beat Mizzou


BANDWAGON TIME | KU climbs to 2nd in college polls

As a hockey fanatic in the middle of basketball-mad ACC country, I must admit I’ve neglected whatever remaining affection I had for my alma mater’s football program over the last 22 years. I can’t remember the last University of Kansas football game I saw…it was likely the last game I attended my senior year at KU, where I watched from the pressbox as the Jayhawks probably lost. Well, maybe they won. There were a couple of good seasons while I was there, during the Mike Gottfriend era, but for the most part KU, like Duke, has been a basketball school.

My high school buddy Darrell Spain, a KU law school grad and loyal fan (he has football, baseball and basketball season tickets, despite living 2 1/2 hours away from Lawrence in Waterville), keeps tabs for me, and this year that’s kept him busy.

Kansas, of course, is 11-0 and ranked 2nd in the nation. The Jayhawks play the 3rd-ranked Missouri Tigers Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. If KU wins, they’ll play in the Big 12 championship game and, if they win there, they’ll play for a national championship.

I won’t say much more in fear of spoiling things for the ‘Hawks. I’ve stopped watching them in the NCAAs because whenever I do watch, they lose. A Danny Manning-led KU basketball team won the NCAA basketball championship in 1988, but I had graduated three years earlier. Manning was a freshman my senior year there. Following the basketball program from afar was pretty easy with Roy Williams at the helm, but football? Not much to write home about…until now.

I will watch Saturday, if I can find it on TV…and regardless of what happens, basketball season is right around the corner.


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