On Screen: “Enchanted”


ENCHANTED | Terrific fun for everyone

This year’s spate of holiday movies includes the usual offerings meant to appeal – in the name of maximum box office potential – to both kids and adults. In this hit and miss proposition, Hollywood, with the exception of many of the Pixar releases, has mostly failed to deliver the goods. Too often holiday theater-goers are left with empty-stocking syndrome.

“Enchanted,” Disney’s Thanksgiving release that features a mixture of animation and live action, could have been a formulaic, run-of-the-mill offering with enough decent vignettes to make an appealing trailer translate into a good opening weekend. Instead, it really is magic through and through. We took the kids Friday morning and absolutely loved it. Great script plus great casting plus great execution means a great time at the theater, and that’s what we certainly had. The film had a little bit of everything (including a production number set mostly in Central Park in New York City that’s not to be missed) and something for everyone.

The “hook” of mixing animation and live action may be enough to either get you to the ticket line to see this movie or keep you away from it. Don’t miss it. Staying away from “Enchanted” would be your first mistake of the Christmas season.

See Herald movie critic Neil Morris’ review on Page 1C in Friday’s edition. His grade for “Enchanted” is a B.


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