In Today’s Herald: New Ad Director Josh Smith


JOSH SMITH | Taking over the reigns in our ad department 

I originally posted this entry back in early September, when Josh Smith became Interim Advertising Director. On Thursday, I introduced Josh to our staff as our new Ad Director – the “interim” having been dropped. We’ll formally introduce Josh to readers in a story coming up next week…but for now, here’s a little bit more about him (from my Sept. 7 entry). 

A lot of folks around our office bleed Carolina blue, but you can tell a lot about Josh Smith – and how he feels about the Heels – from the name he gave his first son.

Cameron Wade.

“Cameron” as in Cameron Indoor Arena, where Josh and I saw his beloved Duke Blue Devils beat Maryland a few years ago when both teams were ranked in the top-5 nationally. And “Wade” as in Wallace Wade Stadium where…well, one of these days…the Dukies will win a football game.

In other words, the only blue Josh likes is deep blue. Not sky blue, light blue, powder blue or any other shade that would cause one to think of that other school, located just a few miles down Hwy. 15-501 from Duke’s campus.

In addition to being a huge Blue Devil fan, Josh, 26, is a very versatile player here at The Herald. He joined the staff in the fall of 2000 as an administrative assistant in the Retail Advertising Department. From there, he’s moved on to work as a Retail Advertising Representative, helping advertisers develop marketing campaigns, and on two separate occasions served as Classified Advertising Manager.

A few weeks ago he moved into a unique position: Interim Ad Director.

Candy Taylor, who oversees the Retail and Classified departments, is on a short medical leave, and Josh has moved smoothly into the “head chair” in the ad department, supervising a sales staff of nine people.

“The Herald has been very good to me,” he said, “but I enjoy getting up in the morning and not knowing what the day will bring. There are never two days just alike in this business. The fast pace keeps you on your toes.”

A native of Moore County, Josh graduated from Lee Christian School. He and his wife, Amy – she left her job The Herald a few years ago to stay home with Cameron, 4, and the couple’s other adopted son, Ryan, 5 months – are very involved in their church, Central Baptist Temple. Josh is a musician and youth pastor there and counts as his wildest adventure taking a dozen teenagers on a four-day camping trip through the Uwharrie National Forest.

And about those Blue Devils?

“When you have one of the greatest coaches of all time (Coach K) in one of the greatest sports venues of all time (Cameron Indoor) with great players,” he says, “what more can you ask for?”

One Response to In Today’s Herald: New Ad Director Josh Smith

  1. kjcd says:

    Since I have known Josh for nearly twenty (gasp) years, I feel as though I must mention two of his many talents, one of which is singing the first six words..and only the first six words, because that’s all he knows,… of “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter…just enough to get that singularly annoying song lodged in one’s subconscious. He also continually refers to the Carolina Hurricanes as the “Tropical Storms”, and informs me often that my miniature Stanley Cup has expired. Grr.
    Despite these things and more, he’s a good guy and a good friend.

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