On Screen: “Nacho Libre”


JACK BLACK as NACHO LIBRE | “Sometimes you wear stretchy pants…it’s for fun”

I resisted the urge to watch “Nacho Libre” when it was in theaters, knowing that even though I loved “Napoleon Dynamite” – which, like “Nacho,” was also written and directed by Jared Hess – my wife Lee Ann’s humor doesn’t run in that grain. I’m also not a huge Jack Black fan, but figured I’d humor myself, possibly, so I downloaded “Nacho” off iTunes to watch during mine and Zach’s recent road trip to Houston.

Simply put, it’s a hilarious film.

Black is perfect as the friar Ignacio, raised in a Mexican monastery and now working there as a cook. He loves wrestling and puts on a mask and cape to compete in a local wrestling tournament in the hopes that his prize winnings wil help buy better food for the orphans he feeds…as well as win the respect and admiration of a new nun, Sister Encarnacion.

The best thing about the movie is the great dialogue. “Nacho Libre” features some of the same kinds of irreverent lines that helped make “Napoleon Dynamite” a cult classic.

It’s a family-friendly movie, too…so relax to your quarters, fix some toast, and check it out…

Here’s a preview:


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