Around Town: Critic Neil Morris Goes Live


THE MARQUEE MARQUIS | Critic sets up site

Neil Morris is a local attorney who has been writing movie and DVD reviews for The Herald for several years. In my humble opinion, he’s one of the best around. I find myself agreeing with his “take” on films more than any other critic I read, and reading movie reviews is something I really enjoy.

We don’t always see eye to eye on films, but most of the time we do. I’ll always consult his review before seeing a film and sometimes we’ll go back and forth, usually via e-mail, about what’s playing. Neil has a great grasp of perspective when watching a movie and a gift for language and storytelling, so his reviews are not only informative, but fun to read.

Neil has just launched his own website – The Marquee Marquis – which you can check out here.

He’s posted his current reviews on his site, which include the films “Alvin & The Chipmunks,” “Enchanted,” “The Golden Compass,” “I’m Not There” and “Sleuth.” Visit his site and your movie-making decisions will be better…


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