Catching My Breath

For the regular readers of my blog (and the seven of you know who you are) I’d been a bit derelict in posting because my life has pretty much been consumed by our budget process for the last couple of weeks. We’re still not done…my budget presentation is next Tuesday…but for the most part the work on this side of the presentation is finished.

It’ll probably be a week or so before I’m back to regular postings. I have a number of things to write about and will post some thoughts tonight about the Kelly Tilghman/Tiger Woods “lynch” comment controversy, and maybe a book review (I just finished listening to Bob Newhart’s memoir, which is great) and some hockey stuff. I also have some thoughts about twice being a victim of theft in the last few weeks, once at Wal-Mart and once here at The Herald.

If you’ve ever put together a budget, you know how all-consuming it can be. Fortunately, our new business manager here, Tina Magill, and my advertising director, Josh Smith, have been absolute champs in their role in the budget, and so from here we go to the meeting riding on a lot of hard work and much prayer. We started working on budget back in October. The budget itself required probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000 separate keying entries on more than 200 Excel worksheets. That’s just a guess. It could be 50,000. I doubt it’s less than 25,000…

At any rate, it’s been nuts…I’ve still managed to get up most mornings at 5:55 and work out and have continued my goal of more in-depth Bible reading & study, so all has not been lost. I’ve totally neglected my fantasy hockey team on, but in the interim I’ve gone from 4th place to 3rd in my league without making a single trade. Imagine that.

If you’ve missed “Behind the Glass” hockey columns, know that I’ve got a couple up my sleeve and will be writing those soon.

So stick around…


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