Nostalgic Song of the Day: “Eurasian Eyes”


COREY HART | Sunglasses off during the day 

He’s better known for his hits “Never Surrender” and “Sunglasses at Night,” but I was always partial to “Eurasian Eyes,” a song from Corey Hart’s 1985 album “Boy in the Box.”

A native of Montreal, Canada, Hart was huge in the mid-80s. His pouty good looks and popularity led to him being offered the role of Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the Future,” but he turned it down – and another Canadian, Michael J. Fox, accepted it and went on to movie stardom. (In another Trivial Pursuit moment, Hart turned down the chance to perform a song for the film “Top Gun.”)

“Eurasian Eyes” was a pretty typical mixed-beat Hart song…it starts softly but has some good driving guitar; it’s a staple on my current iPod playlists.

In the lyrics:

When the world is cold
With no one to hold
I can only see eurasian eyes
(You know) if love won’t lie
Cos the truth would cry
I can only see eurasian eyes
And if my heart is blind
Then why do I find
That I can only see eurasian eyes

Here’s the video of the song, which has 80s written all over it…still a cool song, though…


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