Today’s List: Favorite U2 Songs


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Our editor, Billy Liggett, and his wife Jennifer took in the new U23D show over the weekend; you can read his review on his blog.

I first heard about U2 back when I was a sophomore at the University of Kansas in 1983. The boys from Dublin came to Lawrence for a concert, as I recall; a fraternity brother who worked for the campus radio station interviewed Bono and The Edge. The album “War” was just climbing the charts and it wasn’t long before Rolling Stone called U2 “the greatest band in rock ‘n roll.”

I’m much more partial to the band’s early stuff – particularly, as you’ll see, from the albums Boy, War and October.

My favorite U2 songs:

Love Comes Tumbling
A haunting song with great bass lines off the “Wide Awake in America” EP…

Drowning Man
From “War,” the distinctly faith-based song is tied to the band’s spiritually-focused “October” album…includes references to Isaiah 40:31 in the Old Testament…

Beautiful Day
From “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”…

New Year’s Day/Sunday Bloody Sunday
Two big hits from “War”…

The Unforgettable Fire
Title track from the 1984 album…that fire coming from the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

Indian Summer Sky
…also from “Unforgettable Fire”…

Stories for Boys
From “Boy”…

Another Time, Another Place
Also from “Boy”

I remember reading somewhere that Bono improvised many of the lyrics of this song, which is from the “October” album…

Can be interpreted in many ways, but the story goes that Bono wrote this after his mother’s funeral…

…another mysterious, haunting early song…


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