Zednik’s Horrific Injury

This kind of freakish injury happens very seldomly in hockey, but when it does, it really rips your guts out. Here are two videos of the Richard Zednik injury from Sunday night, where an artery in his neck was cut by teammate Olli Jokinen’s skate during the Florida Panthers/Buffalo Sabres game. The first is the FSN South/Florida Panthers feed, which is pretty graphic. The second, highlights from TSN (Canada’s version of ESPN), isn’t that graphic.

I heard Panthers’ broadcaster Denis Potvin on XM Radio’s Hockey This Morning discussing the indident this morning. He said at one point the broadcasters were told, “We’re out of breaks,” meaning that they had to keep a running commentary during the 15-minute delay while Zednik was being stabilized and the blood was cleaned from the ice.

According to the Panthers’ website, Zednik continued to recover Monday afternoon at Buffalo General Hospital after undergoing surgery. During a press conference Monday afternoon at Buffalo General, doctors said Zednik was alert, was able to speak, and didn’t appear to have any longterm injuries from the incident.

“He actually asked me when he could go back to training,” said Sonya Noor, M.D., the attending surgeon for Zednik.

Zednik was expected to remain in the intensive care unit through this evening as he continues recovering from carotid artery that Noor described as “hanging like a thread” when he arrived at Buffalo General.

Again…the first video is VERY graphic…the second less so…


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