Around Town: Taste Test


ICED COFFEE, CHAIN-STYLE | Make mine a Mocha Joe

When the mood for an iced or frozen coffee strikes me, I’ll usually venture over to Mr. Bean’s for a whipped up delight. On two or three Sunday mornings in the last few months, when Mr. Bean is closed, I’ve taken the kids to Burger King for breakfast en route to church and grabbed myself a Mocha Joe.

I give it high marks for taste and contend it’s an average value for the price; it’s a big enough cup but in each of the several I’ve had, there’s more ice than drink there. Still, there’s a good balance of flavors and it went down smoothly.

A recent drive-through to competitor McDonald’s gave me a chance to try one of their new “McCafe” iced coffees. I tried a vanilla, and it was huge disappointment. Maybe I got a bad brew, but there was very little flavor in the first half of the drink and the latter half tasted of cinnamon, a flavor I can’t stand.


One Response to Around Town: Taste Test

  1. jonbowens says:

    I bought one of those McDonald’s iced coffees on the first day the Spring Lane one started offering them. It took the worker about 30 minutes to figure out how to make it, and when I got it it was little more than coffee on ice.

    Oh how this town needs a Starbucks! And a bookstore.

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