Lost: The Ride


GUYS, WHERE ARE WE? | “Lost” in 4-D 

Inspired by our long weekend trip to Universal Studios this weekend, my creative 15-year-old, Zachary, who’s been making up board games and sketching out ideas for video games since he was 8 or 9, has developed an idea for “Lost: The Ride.”

The rides at Universal Studios, of course, are based primarily on movies. This ride would have to be at Disney since Disney owns ABC, the network on which “Lost” appears. Using the same technology we saw at the Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure ride “Spiderman,” “Lost: The Ride” would give ride-goers the full Lost treatment, using an actual moving ride, 3-D and motion simulation… A “pre-show” could introduce riders to the premise behind “Lost,” and then you’d begin…

Here’s Zach’s outline:

Beginning: You’re a passsenger on Oceanic Flight 815. You file into the ride (it’s designed to look like an airplane) and are seated in rows of seats designed to look just like the ones on Flight 815. You buckle up. On 3D screen, show characters from “Lost” entering the airplane. Using motion-simulation, the airplane takes off. Have plane vibrate and seats do the same. Then plane breaks in half. Seats move fast downwards (down a track) and stop, crashing into the ocean with water splashing lightly in riders’ faces.

2nd Part: Show plane in ruins. Character moves back and forth while getting out of plane. Again move ride vehicle a short distance downwards when jumping out of plane.

3rd Part: Ride vehicle moves along a beach, seeing Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, and Hurley among others.

4th Part: Car moves up, making up for the downward fall in Beginning. Show Charlie, Kate, Jack, Shannon, Boone climbing up mountain. Stop at top and see Charlie say, “Guys, where are we?”

5th Part: Quick downward movement as you go down mountain. Follow Locke into the hatch. Stop in control room. Watch as Locke and Mr. Eko let clock go and explode, sending car spinning and moving forward.

6th Part: Sharp turn brings car to yard outside building with Kate and Sawyer in cages. Move into building and see Jack in room with Juliet outside.

7th Part: Another turn shows Ben on operating table, Jack over him holding walkie talkie talking to Kate.

8th Part: Show big screen. Car comes to stop. Screen shows Sawyer and Kate running through forest and car moves along with them.

9th Part: Car moves on and moves along track in a zig-zag motion. In front of them is radio tower. Move slowly up the mountain after zig-zag and stops at top. Show Jack talking on radio to Minkowski.

End: Move to the right and fall dramatically into beginning of ride.

Of course, most rides at the Disney and Universal Studios parks have a conflict that’s ultimately resolved when the ride ends, but since “Lost” is still going, and will be for two more years, bringing the ride to a conclusion would be problematic, especially at this stage of the series. But imagine the possibilities…

Send your ideas to Zach at zeke10@charter.net


One Response to Lost: The Ride

  1. Zachary says:

    It be very hard to determine a good ending at this time. I think when Universal puts out the Simpsons (bleh!) ride later this year then there could be a little more idea of what the ending could be. Of course I’ve never followed the Simpsons (bleh!) and was disappointed when I found out that it was replacing the Back to the Future ride. Although Dad said it wasn’t so great, that ride would be fun because I’ve seen parts or all of all three movies. That’s the one thing about Universal I didn’t like. So many different things better could replace Back to the Future, like Lord of the Rings. That would be a great ride!

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