On Location: What A Wreck


WHAT A WRECK | What a blessing

This is what’s left of Lee Ann’s van after our accident Saturday afternoon. I was driving, son Zachary (15) was in the front passenger seat and son Addison (13) was sitting behind Zach in the middle row of seats. We were just a couple of hundred yards from our house on Chris Cole Road, ironically at nearly the exact same spot Lee Ann and I were hit by a drunk driver a little more than two years ago.

We were nearing the curve after making a trip to the convenience center near Tramway. A car sped around the curve and came into our lane. I turned to the right at the last minute to avoid the collision, but the other car struck the van. We slid and rolled once, landing on our wheels. Seat belts and side air bags saved us. My cell phone and driver’s license, both of which were on a console between the seats of our Honda van, ended up on the road, having been thrown from the car’s broken front windows during the roll.

The driver and passenger in the other car were more severly injured than us; the driver was life-flighted to Chapel Hill. The boys and I are extremely sore, Addison less so (probably because he’s in the best shape). I have a possible fractured vertebrae in my neck; I’ll find out for sure on Monday.

Needless to say, we’re very thankful for the blessing of being safe. Lee Ann heard the crash and came to help, never dreaming it would be us. Thanks to the quick response from the EMS workers and other emergency personnel, including my best friend Charlie’s son Matt, who just recently became a member of Tramway’s volunteer fire department. Also thanks to all our great neighbors who came out to help, including Polly Bouldin, who took these pictures…

2 Responses to On Location: What A Wreck

  1. Sunniebgi says:

    Good Heavens.. Glad to know you all are ok.

  2. Al Roethlisberger says:

    Goodness, I’m sorry to hear about your accident, but glad that everyone is OK.

    I tell ya, we had our 2004 Honda Pilot totaled during the Christmas holiday when a truck lost control on the Interstate near San Bernardino, CA… they hit us broadside at about 80mph, and then jumped and rolled over our hood. We had the front wheels ripped off when he hit us, then when we careened off of the divider. A nearby Porsche Boxster also flipped when the truck bounced off of them. When it was all done, we were a smoking hulk in the middle of the Interstate with no front wheels, the Boxster on its side, and the truck on its roof down the road…. quite a bit “shorter” in height.

    Fortunately no one was seriously hurt believe it or not, and in our case, we credited the Pilot. … so much so, we went right out and bought a 2005!

    My wallet was also in the console, and we almost lost it during the wreck fleeing the car… so to this day I try to keep it on me when driving.

    We’re Honda fans.

    Glad to hear everyone is OK.


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