Wreck Redux


IMPACT | Facing east on Chris Cole at the point of impact, with the other car’s skid marks going from my lane off the right side of the road


EMS WORKING | The other car traveled over this driveway. At the point, the driver has been airlifted and his passenger is being tended to.


DRIVER’S SIDE | Thank goodness for side airbags


BOYS WALKED AWAY | Addison (in red) and Zachary (in blue) shortly after the accident. That’s my Sonic cup, I think, in our neighbor’s driveway. I had hardly touched my grape slush.

A few more photos from Polly Bouldin…

We’re still recuperating from Saturday’s accident. Necks and backs are still a little sore, but so far so good as ice and rest do the trick. The great people in the emergency room at Central Carolina Hospital all said the 3rd and 4th days would be the roughest, and they were right: I woke up Tuesday with hip and lower back pain that I’d not felt before, but a regular rotation of ice bags has helped immensely. The stomach virus that seems to be everywhere has also made its way through our house, complicating things, but we’re definitely on the mend.

One doctor suggested Zachary and I might have mild concussions, which would explain all the sleeping we’ve done this week.

I neglected to mention the great treatment from the emergency room staff at CCH. Everyone we encountered was conscientious, professional and sharp, particularly the PA, my nurse Chris and the staff in the X-ray department.


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