In Today’s Herald: Narrowed Focus

With Tuesday’s edition, The Herald’s web width – the width of the newsprint on which we’re printed – shrunk a bit from 24 inches to 22 inches.  It’s a long-planned change that comes primarily as the result of a severely tightening newsprint market.

Newsprint, like many commodities, has seen significant ebbs and flows in supply and demand over the years. Newsprint manufacturers, after years of losing millions of dollars in loose markets, have been in a consolidation mode. Mergers have resulted in mill closings, which has led to a tightening of the market – and much higher newsprint prices. Many newspapers have reacted by making plans to adjust web width down. Our original plans were to move to 23 inches, but after being told by one manufacturer that many metro papers were planning to go directly to 22 inches, I made the call to go directly to 22 inches. We started discussions about it in our offices midway through last year, and after using up the rest of our 24 inch inventory over the weekend, we switched today. Ray Ellington, our press foreman, and Don Bailey in the production department and Editor Billy Liggett did the vast majority of the heavy lifting in this process. Billy asked for input in today’s paper; feel free to send me comments as well. Call me at 718-1234 or e-mail me at

By the way, I’m back blogging after a setback over the weekend in recovering from the wreck. The combination of after-effects of the minor concussion and the neck problems knocked me out for a few days, so I have some catching up to do…

One Response to In Today’s Herald: Narrowed Focus

  1. rick says:

    How long before the Herald moves to an all (or mostly) online service? Already, many columnists are writing blogs, what does the “paper” give me that I can’t get online? I’m very surprised (disappointed?) that the Herald charges for its full online version, but doesn’t even run ads on this (or the “official” Herald blog: Surely the Herald could offset the rising costs by increasing online ad prices — if the online ads from were also displayed on all the Herald’s blogs.

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