Around Town: Best of Lee County


READERS CHOICE | Coming Saturday

I’ve gotten a sneak peak at this year’s “Best of Lee County” section, and it’s a dandy. R. V. Hight and Billy Liggett and the rest of our staff have done a great job putting together our readers’ choices for the “best of” for 2008.

An added wrinkle this year is “Herald Picks” in selected categories…our staff picks, which in many cases agree with the winners, but in some cases…

This special section will be a part of Saturday’s edition.

That’s Mrs. Lacy’s Faye Schulz on the cover…we had a special luncheon there Tuesday for our “Citizen of the Year” and “Lifetime Achievement Award” winners (Bill Hicks and Helen Hincks and Bill Lawrence, respectively) and we sampled some of that establishment’s famous desserts. It’s hard to turn down a good Key Lime Pie!

One Response to Around Town: Best of Lee County

  1. Kim Pritt says:

    Key Lime Pie sounds good — but that Strawberry Shortcake in the cover photo has got my attention!!!!

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