‘I Read Everything But the Hockey Stuff…’

With the Hurricanes bounced from the playoffs, I’ll find time to write about much more than hockey moving forward. Seems the last couple of weeks my posts have been primarily about the Canes. I’ll preview the playoffs prior to them starting on Wednesday, so there will be more hockey posts…but I’ll have a bit more focus now to write more about what’s going on at The Herald, the upcoming elections, Our People, books, movies and music and more.

I ran into two folks last week who commented about the hockey posts…one said he wanted to read more “Behind the Glass” columns in The Herald (which have been relatively sparse this year partly because of the high number of updateds I’ve provided here) and another said she read every word on the blog except for the hockey posts, in which she had no interest. It’s hard to keep everyone happy.

One thing I haven’t written about is KU’s win over UNC Saturday in the NCAA Final Four. I had a nice conversation with huge Tar Heel fan Ray Hockaday in church Sunday about several matters, and if you know Ray it’s hard to talk to him without talking about the Heels. He didn’t mention the game and I didn’t either…didn’t want to rub it in.

I did win a couple of $5 bets on the game, but I told both people I bet with that I was betting out of loyalty and expected UNC to win, simply because EVERY time I actually watch KU play, they lose. (I’ve watched them play exactly once in the last five years, against Missouri in football this year…but this losing streak goes WAY back.) I spent most of Saturday night watching the Washington Capitals hockey game – if they won, the Hurricanes were out of the playoffs – so when my phone rang around 10 p.m. and the voice on the other end said, “Roooooccccckkkk Chaaaaallllkkkk Jaaaaaayyyyyyhaaaaaawwwwkkkk,” I wasn’t aware that Kansas was at the time up by 28 points or so. It was my cousin Mona from Kansas calling. Last I’d looked, KU was up by 12 or so and I turned away so as not to jinx them.

So, of course, with Washington winning over Florida in hockey, I switched to the KU game. The Hawks promptly started getting thrashed. I switched back to the Caps game and didn’t go back to the KU-UNC game until there were about five minutes left. KU actually finished on top, much to my surprise.

Obviously, the win over Carolina on Saturday means nothing unless KU wins tonight. I actually have Kansas and Memphis playing in one of my two ESPN brackets (with Memphis winning…yikes!) and in the other I have Kansas and UCLA, with KU winning. I did so badly in the other picks that I don’t have a chance of winning the “Knights of Ni” challenge (brother-in-law Nic’s tournament), but at least there’s the satisfaction of KU beating Ol’ Roy this one time.

Not that I’d gloat about it, of course…


4 Responses to ‘I Read Everything But the Hockey Stuff…’

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  2. jonbowens says:

    You should eat a really large cheeseburger. Apparently everyone wants to see that.

    I’m beginning to think everything KU fans said when Roy left about him not being able to in the big one was right. He was thoroughly outcoached Saturday night.

    He won in 2005 with Doherty’s players…

  3. I’ll respectfully beg to differ. To many of us out in Jayhawk Nation who were ‘involved’ (for lack of a better word) in the drama during the close of the Williams era, Saturday’s game may as well have been the championship. THAT was the coveted game for a specific generation of Jayhawks.

    So the comment about the win over Carolina on Saturday means nothing unless KU wins tonight…I think you’d have a handful of younger Jayhawks thinking otherwise.

    No matter what happens tonight, we can smile and relish in the fact that we defeated Roy…and maybe finally let go.

  4. jonbowens says:

    My God, I wish you guys would let it go. It’s been what? Five years? Jeez. If you can’t get over a divorce in five years, you have a problem.

    And if you don’t win tonight, you still won’t have a title since 1988. Roy does.

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