Roy Williams Heads Back to KU?


3… 2.1 Number 1!

I didn’t watch much of last night’s NCAA championship game between my KU Jayhawks and the Memphis…whatevers…because, as you probably know if you read this blog, I’m more of a hockey guy. There was no hockey last night on TV (the NHL playoffs start tomorrow night) so I spent part of the evening hammering out my “Behind the Glass” column in today’s Herald and watching a documentary about Amelia Earhart.

I know, I know…some loyal Jayhawker I am. (Hey, we recorded the game for full viewing later…I’m not that much of a slacker.)

My sore throat and I went to bed around 11 or so and I took a peek before hitting the sack, and Kansas was starting to fall behind with about six minutes left. I entertained fantasies about a comeback, but honestly I was more concerned about the plethora of sore throats here amongst the staff at the paper and wondering how I’d feel when I woke up.

Turns out, I woke up about 45 minutes later when someone – I’m still not sure who – called our house. Lee Ann sleepily picked up the phone and I heard the caller ask for me. I’m a little fuzzy on what was said next, but somehow the caller realized we were asleep and not out tossing confetti. They apologized to Lee Ann, saying they were sure I’d be up and awake, “celebrating about the game.”

It was awhile before I fell back to sleep. I wondered if the caller was one of my cruel UNC friends taunting me over a KU loss or someone who assumed I’m a loyal basketball fan and would be excited about Kansas’ win. At any rate, the late hour caused me to think the game could have gone into overtime, which in turn could have produced a KU win, which in turn could have impaired the judgment of any number of people, which in turn could have led to this untimely call…

So when my alarm went off at 5:55 this morning, my first task was to pick up my Blackberry and go to the website to see if indeed there was a miracle in San Antonio last night.

Obviously there was. Halleluja! I just hope my friend Konni, a fellow KU grad whose children go to school with mine and who went to the game, remembers to bring me back a t-shirt.

Later this morning, I heard KU Coach Bill Self is pondering taking a $6 million signing bonus and going to coach at his alma mater, Oklahoma State. And I understand UNC fans are mad that Ol’ Roy was supporting Kansas last night. (Everyone says he was wearing a KU shirt, but it looked like a fashionable black tee to me with a KU sticker slapped on for good measure.)

Maybe Roy will head back to Lawrence to take Bill’s place?

Certainly not…but Lawrence is a pretty good place to be these days. Had I just skipped watching the KU/Missouri football game, KU would likely have the national championship in football as well as basketball.

Or am I just dreaming?



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