A Few Minutes with Grapes…

THE ILLUSTRIOUS DON CHERRY | ‘Grapes’ is hockey’s most popular commentator

The “Center Ice” package on DirecTV is great, but one of the bad things about watching hockey here in the states is the lack of regular access to Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. During the first intermission of HNIC broadcasts, fans eagerly anticipate the “Coach’s Corner” segment, featuring host Ron MacLean and the colorful Don Cherry.

The closest personality we have in the states to Cherry is Barry Melrose. Melrose, a former player and coach, is fantastic, but Cherry is in a league by himself. You can watch the Coach’s Corner segment from last night below, and see why Cherry’s so popular (popular enough to have been named the 7th greatest Canadian of all time by Canada’s CBC network).

Cherry, nicknamed “Grapes” (an obvious spoof of his surname) is a former player (mostly in the minor leagues, one game in the NHL) and coach (including time as bench boss with the Boston Bruins) whose outspoken, flamboyant style has made him legendary. His outlandish taste in clothes is a trademark, as is the rose he wears in his lapel (in honor of his late wife, Rose, who died from cancer in 1997.

Enough words…you can only experience Cherry by seeing him at work…



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