On Screen: ‘The Happening’

WHAT’S HAPPENING? | Another M. Night movie

The newest M. Night Shyamalan film, “The Happening,” is set to open on June 13th. You can watch the film’s trailer here.

I’m a huge fan of Shyamalan’s movies, but his last – “Lady in the Water” – was hugely disappointing. His big screen debut, “The Sixth Sense,” set a pretty high bar, and his films since have done less and less at the box office. Watching the trailer for “The Happening” gives me a sickening feeling that this is going to be as bad as “The Mist,” which I wrote about here before as being the absolute worst movie of all time. “The Mist” was based on a Stephen King story and written for the screen and directed by Frank Darabont, who wrote and directed two of my all-time favorites – “The Shawshank Redemption” and “The Green Mile.” If Darabont can fall that far, I guess M. Night can as well.

We’ll see…the buzz about the film online isn’t that positive, but I’m willing to give Shyamalan another shot. This film stars Mark Wahlberg as a science teacher who faces some kind of natural disaster that threatens the world by compelling people to kill themselves.



7 Responses to On Screen: ‘The Happening’

  1. kayla says:


    Ummmm! i was wondering if you know if the latest movie “The Happening” is about the end times and the rapture! Or is it a normal movie. Another words I’m basically asking whether or not this film is Christian?? Please reply as soon as possible.

  2. bhorner3 says:

    I think it has an end-times motif, but I doubt it has a Christian world view. “Signs” had its main character as a priest who leaves the church, struggling with his faith after his wife was killed, who ultimately sees redemption and comes back to the cloth, so I guess it’s possible…but unlikely.

  3. bradbobo says:

    It was terrible!!

  4. Teresa says:

    The Happening is an AWESOME movie! One would have to have an understanding of the end times. If you don’t get it, you really really need to spend some quality time studying the words God has given to us. He is the One who created everything in heaven and on earth. The pure of heart will remain and the wicked destroy themselves. Only a 1/3 will remain and 2/3 of the population will perish from the earth. It’s been a while so I encourage you to look it up for yourself. It’s a good reminder that evil doers aren’t going to get away with anything. I think it was in the Psalms maybe that is written somewhere, “the innocent will walk in the blood of the wicked”. This movie has inspired me to read Revelation again. Two Thumbs Up to M. Night Shyamalan. Don’t mock what you don’t understand but with everything in you, seek to know and understand. You don’t have to remain in your sin. Gods mercy is for everyone, all you have to do is want it. 1 way JESUS!

  5. Adam says:

    i can honestly say that this was the worst film ive ever seen in my life, i really hope shyamalan stops making films – worst director ever!!!

  6. veronica says:

    this is the worst movie ever…………he disappointed once again………..to see what happened in the movie i could of done that at home………….movie sucked…..

  7. Happy Agnostic says:

    I agree with most sensible adults. This movie is ridiculous. I find it even more disturbing that there are people who actually intimate this film as a possible reality based upon some fanciful literature. LOL WOW!!!

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