Bill in Sanford, Hillary on the Factor

You can find great coverage of former President Bill Clinton’s historic visit to Sanford Wednesday in today’s edition of The Herald.

Bill’s stump speech for his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, didn’t stray too far from what we’ve been hearing from Hillary’s campaign for the Oval Office. Last night, I happened to catch the tail end of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News and listened to Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller rant about some of the very promises Mr. Clinton made yesterday at the McSwain Center, and about how neither Bill nor Hillary took steps to do what Hillary has been promising to do (particularly in regards to oil and energy) on the campaign trail during their respective time in the White House and the Senate.

Interesting stuff, but not nearly as interesting as the fact that Hillary made her debut on the Factor broadcast last night. If you are familiar with the O’Reilly/Hillary feud, you know that’s signfiicant.

You can watch the first of what will be several parts of the interview here…



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