On Screen: The Shawshank Redemption

SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION | Hope is a good thing

Probably my favorite movie of all-time. I used to love Stephen King books, and I didn’t see this movie – based on a novella by King – in the theaters because the film versions of his books had been so bad up to that point. But I saw a clip of the film during the Academy Awards and thought I’d catch it. It was on pay-per-view in the fall of 1994, if I recall, when I was Atlanta for a big newspaper equipment exposition. I watched it in my hotel room and sat dumbfounded for an hour after it was over, the film was so moving.

It stars Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman as prisoners at Shawshank Prison on Maine, both having been convicted or murder. Only thing is, we find out during the movie that Robbins’ character is indeed innocent.

I’ve probably seen “Shawshank” 40 or 50 times, easily. The film didn’t do well at the box office, despite great reviews and seven Academy Award nominations. In the years since, it has frequently placed among the top 10 of various best flims of all-time lists.

Here’s two different clips in one take…one note: a brief bit of cursing at the beginning… The first is Robbins in the cafeteria just after getting out of solitary confinement after ignoring orders to stop playing a recording of an opera for fellow prisoners; the second is Freeman after he’s released from prison.

2 Responses to On Screen: The Shawshank Redemption

  1. Joe Jon says:

    That one is on my top-5 list. We have the DVD. I’m a big Morgan Freeman fan, though. He was great in Glory and Seven.

  2. Sunniebgi says:

    This is likely my favorite as well. Don’t own it on DVD, but should.. I like it when I catch it on TNT or one of those type channels in the middle of the night.. could watch it again and again.

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