What Are Voters Saying? What About You?

No, it’s not another political post…

Rather, I’ve been asked by a local organization to come speak about the political climate in Lee County and what Lee County voters are saying… What message do you think the voters are trying to tell our elected officials? What do voters think about our leaders?

Better yet…how do YOU make your decisions about local candidates? What process do you use to decide whom to vote for?

Weigh in by commenting or e-mail me at bhorner3@sanfordherald.com. I’ll be speaking to the group in July and researching the question between now and then, and will use your thoughts about what’s going on.



One Response to What Are Voters Saying? What About You?

  1. How do people who take oaths of office to follow and defend the US Constitution reconcile working for and continually create big government when the intention of the Constitution is limited government? Since the Reconstruction, the loss of unalienable rights and the creation of Democracy in the late 19th century, at the expense of our Republic, oaths of office have become mere formality. We see it all the time, even at the local levels. Very Sad. The founders would be greatly disappointed. They were against Democracy. Like Ben Franklin declared, “only if we can keep it.” We couldn’t.

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