Nostalgic Artist of the Day: A-ha

My music tastes in college ran the gamut from critic-worthy bands like REM and U2 to pop/rock bands like Toto, Journey, Kansas and Foreigner to more eclectic, esoteric groups like Tangerine Dream. My buddy Darrell used to kid me (and still does) about Tangerine Dream, an electronic band which recorded soundtracks for a number of movies. I had all their albums.

Darrell, an attorney back in our small home town in Kansas, was more of a hard-rock kind of guy who liked his music and lyrics intelligent. So if the ribbing I took about Tangerine Dream (no lyrics, just music) was bad, you can imagine what he thought about the Norweigan pop band “A-ha.”

A-ha’s debut release, “Hunting High and Low,” featured a song called “Take On Me,” which, if truth be told, was one of the worst on the album. The video for it, which you can see here, was something of a sensation and gave the album, and consequently the band, a huge push. It’s a catchy song, but really pales in comparison to the rest of the songs on “Hunting.” I liked the band and the album and much of their follow-up work, and still listen to their work, particularly songs from this first album, today.


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