Today’s List: Updated iPod Playlist


EAGLES | Song from new CD tops playlist

Here’s an updated look at my current iPod playlist…

Waiting in the Weeds | Eagles
From the new album (released only at Wal-Mart) “Out of Eden,” this is classic, pre-Hotel California Eagles material, with everything that made the band great – accoustic guitar, harmonies, an angst-ridden storyline and poetic lyrics.

From the Beginning | Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Gotta love Greg Lake’s accoustic guitar.

Never Too Late | Three Days Grace
Heard while channel surfing on XM and ended up picking it up on iTunes. Don’t know anything about the band, and I can’t quote any of the lyrics, but it’s a good listen.

We Are | Vertical Horizon
VH is still one of my favorite bands. I could never understand why they haven’t (or didn’t) become superstars. “We Are” marked the move from an accoustic to an electric rock band and kicked off a great album (Everything You Want, 1999).

I’ve Been Thinking About You | Londonbeat
And oldie but a goody.

Hey There Delilah | Plain White T’s
Simple but effective.

Here I Stand and Face the Rain | A-ha
Hunting High and Low | A-ha
Just loaded an old A-ha CD onto iTunes; these were two of my favorites from that album.


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