Hockey Stuff: What About Octopi?

The Stanley Cup finals started in Detroit tonight, and if you saw the opening moments you saw workers removing octopi from the ice – plus the giant fake octopus suspended over the ice.

What’s the deal?

Back in the “original six” days, when there were just a half-dozen NHL teams, all it took to win the Cup was eight playoff wins – four games each in two series. It takes 16 wins today, but when the Red Wings were a powerhouse team back in the 50s, eight wins would do it. In 1952, a local fish merchant tossed an octopus onto the ice – eight tentacles, eight wins. Since then, Detroit fans toss octopi onto the ice frequently before games for good luck. When the Wings played the Hurricanes in the 2002 finals, Wings fans even tossed them onto the ice in Raleigh.

Will they do it when the Wings go to Pittsburgh later this week for games three and four?

We’ll see…but according to this story in the Detroit Free Press, it might be tough…

To find out more about how to prepare your octopi for tossing, read

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