Catching Up…

Been a hectic couple of days helping tend to my mom, who was hospitalized in Wilmington for a couple of days this week…I’ll have more to write about this weekend, but for right now:

– to read Editor Billy Liggett’s take on last night’s season finale of “Lost,” go here. We’ve been speculating for months about who was in the coffin…I kept thinking it was going to be Sawyer, but my hunch was obviously wrong…

– to read local blogger Keith Clark’s take on Monday’s public hearing about incentives for 3M, go here. Billy has also blogged about it and will write about it for Sunday’s Herald.

– to read about Sidney Crosby’s great performance in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ victory over the Detroit Red Wings in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals – and to see what the Pens need to do in Game 4 tomorrow night – go here.

– to learn about how you can bid on sweaters worn by comedian Bill Cosby on “The Cosby Show,” and raise money for the foundation created in honor of his late son, read the story in USA Today here.

– and finally, in tribute to the great Harvey Korman, who passed away Thursday, check out great commercials from “The Carol Burnett Show” below…


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