Memorial Cup…Dropped

When the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup back in 2006, Equipment Manager Wally Tatomir dropped it during the locker room celebration. It had to be shipped off for minor repairs, but the team didn’t seem to mind.

The Stanley Cup will be awarded to either Pittsburgh or Detroit within the next week (or so, dependindg on whether the Penguins win tonight at home in Game 4)…

In Raleigh back two season ago, it’s a good thing THIS didn’t happen…this is from the presentation of the Memorial Cup, awarded to the winners of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League championship. The Spokane Chiefs won this year’s Memorial Cup a week ago, and in the presentation that followed…well, see for yourself.

A reporter covering the event posted these successive blogs

You can read the full blog here.

7:20 p.m., Sunday, May 25: Oh, my. Spokane captain Chris Bruton, in trying to pass the Cup to Trevor Glass for the traditional skate-around, dropped it. Or Glass did. The top fell off. They stood there, looking at it, like, “now look what you did.” Nobody seemed to know what to do. Not the players, not CHL commissioner David Branch. So after a pregnant pause, they tried to fix it, couldn’t, so now they have two Cups.

Somebody up here just said “that’s why you shouldn’t give Americans our trophies.” Funny, really. The whole thing, dropping the Cup, the American line . . . it does take a bit away from the traditional shares-ey skate-around with the Cup, but what the heck. The stunned silence from the crowd and everyone on the ice likely resulted from the fact the Memorial Cup is so revered, as it should be — representing as it does the honouring of World War I veterans.

In the end, just one of those things. We’re all human. Bottom line: Nobody will ever forget the day the Spokane Chiefs won the Memorial Cup and then dropped it, splitting it in two. It’s about the only thing they dropped all week. Great team, worthy winners. Quiet celebration, obviously not many Spokane fans here besides parents. Can’t help but imagine how this place would have been roaring had the Rangers won; they’d still be out there skating around, the stands would be full. But, it was not to be.

1:58 p.m. Monday, May 26. Well, finally saw a close up video of the Cup drop. Turned out Chris Bruton — a class act, by the way, humanitarian, team captain, articulate — had the Cup break in his hands before trying to hand it to Glass. So thanks for the push, Spokane fans. But be advised nowhere in here did I blame Bruton. I thought “just one of those things” covered it. And as for the American angle, I KNOW many of the players are Canadian, etc. But they are also American, Swedish, Russian, etc. in the broad sense of hockey as a whole. That’s the beauty of the contemporary game — it’s a world sport. I was just the messenger for someone’s remark in the press box. All the best. Enjoy the well-deserved championship.


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