Coming Soon: Alaska Diaries

A work-related trip to Florida that started on June 4 was immediately followed by a long-planned, long-awaited cruise to Alaska, and after arriving home at 3 a.m. on Monday, I’m back in the office. I know no one wants to read a boring travelogue about our Alaska adventure, but in the coming week I’ll provide a few entries about some of our more interesting experiences, beginning with our flight to Seattle and a Northwest Airlines’ flight attendant’s attempt to teach my 11-year-old daughter the finer points of alcohol consumption. I’ll also write about what it’s like to be quarantined to your cruise-ship cabin, how to tell if bear scat is fresh and what water from 400-year-old glacier ice runoff tastes like. Oh, and I also have whale pictures.

Glad to be back…

In the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the dance scene from “Napoleon Dynamite.” At the very worst moments of the bug I somehow picked up in Seattle before our cruise (I’ll spare you the details) this little clip from the movie – I have it on my iTouch; it’s one of my favorites – kept me going and sane…


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