More From Alaska…

A few of my better pictures…more posts to come, including what it’s like to be quarantined on a cruise ship, an Alaskan reunion, and more…

MEADE GLACIER | Rocks on parade
It’s hard to tell from a picture the enormity of this, but I’m standing on ice here looking “up river” within the band of rocks in the midst of the glacier

Son Addison, 13, studies the ice from his perch on a small rock

‘DONT’T FALL IN’ | This is what to avoid
Our guide, Mario, with a crevice in between. “If you fall in,” he said, “you’re on your own. There’s no way to get to you.” He measured the depth by dropping a rock into the space, estimating it at about 170 feet deep.

A SATISFYING DRINK | Zach quenches his thirst
Son Zachary, 15, drinks from a small stream in the glacier. The age is the ice is about 400 years, and the water was delicious.

Pictures just don’t do it justice…

EVEN MORE | Frozen lake at 3,000 feet

TRACY ARM | Making our way in
In Tracy Arm, just as the ice began to thicken.

…and thicken some more…

LAST BUT NOT LEAST | The lovely Lee Ann



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