Today’s List: ‘Love’ Songs

In observance of my anniversary – 18 years of bliss with the wonderful former Miss Lee Ann Knight – here’s a sampling of “love” songs from my iPod, all the ones beginning with the word “love” and a few with the word in the title:

Love Comes Tumbling | U2

One of my favorite U2 songs.

Love Hurts | Heart

From one of Heart’s live albums.

Love in the Midnight | Styx

From the “Cornerstone” album, the pinnacle of the band’s career.

Love is a Battlefield | Pat Benatar

Back in the days when MTV ruled…

Love is Here to Stay | Frank Sinatra

Can honestly say I’ve never listened to the song. I got it while making a playlist for a wedding reception we had at our house for friends of ours…

Love is Like Oxygen | Sweet

More 80s…

Love is Reason | A-ha

…and even more 80s.

Love Song | The Cure

This song put The Cure on the map, introducing many 80s listeners to a strange brand of music and an even stranger Robert Smith, the prince of goth and gloom.

Love Will Keep Us Alive | Eagles

Timothy B. Schmidt at his best.

Lovely Ladies | Les Miserable Soundtrack

Not a love song at all, if you’re familiar with the play…

Last Love Song | Cat Stevens

From the last “Cat Stevens” album, before he became Yusuf Islam…

Look of Love | ABC

Underrated import from ABC.

Victim of Love | Eagles

Another one from the Eagles.

Everlasting Love | Howard Jones

Much better song than the sappy “No One is to Blame”

Message of Love | Journey

From the “comeback” album that ended up being Steve Perry’s last effort with the band.

Without Your Love | Toto

From the vastly underrated “Fahrenheit” album.


One Response to Today’s List: ‘Love’ Songs

  1. Jamie says:

    Congratulations 🙂

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