Movie Night with Batman…er, Josh Hamilton

You can read Herald Sports Editor Alex Podlogar’s great post on his blog for more about this epic achievement, but most of all you have to see what Josh Hamilton did last night…I’m not a huge baseball fan anymore, but Hamilton’s story – his incredible comeback – is enough to inspire anyone. What he did in last night’s MLB Home Run Derby was astonishing.

Wife Lee Ann and I finished up a bunch of chores and were sitting down to watch a movie last night, and I called my son Zachary, who’s on a mission trip in Hendersonville, to see if he knew where our copy of “Batman Begins” was. Lee Ann’s been wanting to see it in preparation for the new “Dark Knight” film. Zach didn’t know where the DVD was, but while I had him on the horn I asked him how Josh Hamilton did in the Derby. I figured it would have been over by then.

“He’s just coming up,” Zach said.

Batman indeed.

We watched Hamilton hit home run after home run in Yankee Stadium as Zach and I texted each other about the prodigious blasts. I was teary-eyed by the time Hamilton was done.

Gotham City will never be the same…


One Response to Movie Night with Batman…er, Josh Hamilton

  1. jonbowens says:

    Best story in sports in 10 years at least. And baseball truly needed a tragic hero after all the steroid talk. Good times.

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