Hockey Stuff: Men in Black?

3rd JERSERY FOR CANES | Design to be announced

The new RBK Edge jerseys unveiled by the NHL the last year and a half meant that none of the league’s 30 teams had “alternate” jerseys last season. At one point, the Hurricanes were one of only three teams (New Jersey Devils, Detroit Red Wings) without a third jersey. Now, news reports suggest the Canes will finally add a third, or alternate, jersey this season.

Speculation among fans for years has suggested that the alternate jersey would be blag and incorporate the “hurricane flag” on the shoulder of the team’s current jersey. The illustration above might be close to what the team unveils at the team’s unofficial season kick-off, the Caniac Carnival, in two months.

For a good look at the existing – and possible – jerseys around the league, go here.


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