In Today’s Herald: Joe’s Sign

The “Local Joe’s” sign issue isn’t going away. Callers to us have been wondering if owner Joe Delvecchio is getting the ordinance-mandated $100/day fine for violations, but as Chelsea Kellner reports in today’s edition of The Herald, Joe has a few more tricks up his sleeve to stave off taking down the sign.

Plan A: removing the “Local” off Local Joe’s Tap and Grill’s sign as a tem­porary fix; done by painting over the top section of the contro­versial 22.5 square foot sign – making it six and a ­half feet smaller to hang downtown in accordance with city ordinance
Plan B: reworking the vintage Wagoner’s Jewelers sign that previously hung above the entrance, with the pub/restaurant’s name in neon lights and an old-fashioned hanging clock. That sign is still too big, but Joe is hoping for an ordinance amend­ment allowing historic signs of reasonable size.

Read more in today’s Herald…

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