In Today’s Herald: What’s In a Name?

In today’s edition, we have more coverage of the debate over naming the new park at Pineland and Martin streets after City Councilman Walter McNeil. Editor Billy Liggett’s story says that local residents are upset with some members of the council’s reluctance to name the part after McNeill. We also have two letters to the editor on the subject. And you can see our editorial in Sunday’s edition…


One Response to In Today’s Herald: What’s In a Name?

  1. Warren McNeill says:

    Tell me does the lack or approval of a naming policy improve the quality of life of anybody in Sanford. I say no emphatically! It seems that Mr. Taylor and Mr. Stone’s calling seems to be to the petty issues police of the council. Mr. Taylor does not grasp the impact of a failure of the council to give the people what they want. He has no idea of the role Councilman McNeil has played in this community as an educator and mentor to the black community of Sanford. Does he have any idea of the countless youth that he has encouraged to seek higher education during his days as an educator, I think not. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Stone there is a multitude of us that he has touched over the years. To not honor him with the naming of the park will send yet another message to the Sanford Black Community that as much as things have changed they really have not.

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