The Herald’s Facebook Page


I created a Facebook page for myself a few months ago so I could check out what was on my older son’s page. Social networking is the “new” thing for his generation, and Facebook (and, for some, MySpace) is the way to communicate. All three of my kids have had e-mail addresses for some time, but even e-mail for that crowd is passe – it’s either texting or Facebooking, it seems.

I’m down wit dat, as they say (except for the girl who almost ran into meon US 1 last week while she was texting and driving at the same time…in full disclosure, though, I’ve becoming somewhat adept at texting while driving), but sometimes I wish my oldest, Zachary (just turned 16) would pick up the phone instead of having several ongoing conversations at once via his cell phone and computer.

Anyway…back to Facebook…I’ve been contacted by many old friends through my Facebook page and it’s been interesting to note the ages of people I know who have such pages – the average age is certainly increasing. Still, in an effort to reach the youngers, our Editor, Billy Liggett, has created a Facebook page for The Herald. You can read his post about it here.

And check out the page if you get a chance…


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