The Amazing Ricky Jay

April 30, 2008

CUPS AND BALLS | Great magic

Ricky Jay is generally acknowledged as the greatest magician of our day. Here’s a great twist on the magician’s staple, the cups and balls illusion…


The Copper Clappers Caper

April 19, 2008

For those of us who remember both Johnny Carson and Dragnet…

Great Stuff: Tiger’s Clutch Putt

March 19, 2008

I’ve been convalescing most of this week, partly from the wreck and partly from the stomach bug that’s waged war on our household. More on that later…but I just now got a chance to see Tiger Woods’ birdie putt on the final hole of the Bay Hill event on the PGA Tour Sunday. Tiger’s win streak went to five with this incredible stroke, and he matched the great Ben Hogan’s career win record at 64 total professional victories. Amazing…the Masters starts in three weeks, and there’s no doubt Tiger will be ready…

Frozen in Central Park

March 10, 2008

FROZEN IN TIME | And in place

I’m just back from a short vacation with my sons to Universal Studios in Florida…until I can post about that, here’s something really neat that came in my e-mail inbox while I was away… 

Great Stuff: iPod Touch

February 6, 2008


iPOD TOUCH | Updates add features to cool gadget

I love gadgets, and you won’t find a more ardent fan of Apple’s iPod than me. I have almost 70 hours of music, audiobooks and Podcasts on iTunes and listen to my iPod Nano an average of probably 2 hours per day, mostly to books and Podcasts. I’ve written extensively on this blog about audiobooks and Podcasts, and can’t think of another gadget or piece of electronics that I’ve gotten more use out of than my iPods.

Last fall I talked my wife into letting me “upgrade” to the iPod “Touch.” I still use the Nano for listening, but use the Touch for watching movies and catching up on episodes of “Lost” that I’ve missed.

The Touch is essentially Apple’s iPhone – without the phone. It has all the other features of a video iPod – storing and playing music, video and photos, plus the calendar, contacts, calculator and clock features of most iPods – but adds a wireless integrated web browser as well as YouTube and iTunes applications. If you have access to Wi-Fi, you can quickly access YouTube videos and the internet, plus also quickly download music and more from iTunes.

It’s pretty cool, but what makes it “great stuff” is a recent upgrade Apple offered (for a price – $19.99) that adds five much-needed applications: e-mail, Google Maps, weather and stocks programs from Yahoo!, and a notes program. (The “upgraded” Touch screen is on the left above.) It makes the Touch truly an iPhone, just without the phone (for folks like me who want their cell phone more of a “stand-alone” device).

In addition, the Touch is now available in a 32GB version for $499; the original Touches were offered in 8GB ($299) and 16GB flavors ($399).

I haven’t tried all of the new features yet, but so far, so good…and for watching video, nothing beats it…

Great Stuff: Biofreeze

November 27, 2007


BIOFREEZE | Can’t do without it

Here’s why Biofreeze is Great Stuff: pain relief.

I was in a car accident in college and have had neck problems ever since. I see a chiropractor once a month or so for an adjustment to keep my neck “unlocked,” but the muscle pain is still, after all these years, a constant, though minor, bothersome companion. Nothing makes it go away like Biofreeze. Not BenGay, not Icy Hot, nothing… A few years ago, I was in a meeting and as an ice-breaker, we were asked what material item we couldn’t live without…for me, that was easy: Biofreeze. I keep tubes all over the house and in my desk at work, and I keep the small “sample” packets in my car.

The only place I’ve seen Biofreeze for sale locally (besides a doctor’s office) is at Medince Park Pharmacy off Carthage Street in Sanford…

What’s your favorite “great stuff”? Comment below…