Around Town: Municipal Election Results

See Wednesday’s Herald for details… 

Sanford City Council
At Large Race (4-year-term)

Mike Stone 1,405
Lora Wright 968
Stone, the incumbent, gets a four-year seat. 

Ward 2 (4-year-term)
Charles Taylor 452
Dan Harrington 222
Taylor, a first-time candidate, defeats Harrington, the incumbent.

Ward 4 (4-year-term)
Walter McNeil 252
McNeil ran unopposed.

Ward 5 (4-year-term)
Linwood Mann 102
Earl Barker 97
Ervin Fox 32
Mann, the incumbent, appears to have narrowly defeated Barker. A couple more votes for Barker and he could have called for a run-off…

Broadway Town Council (4-year-term)

Donald Andrews 279
Andrews ran unopposed.

Broadway Town Council (4-year term)
Lynne West Green 174
Clem Welch 156
George P. Bates 141
David E. Harrington 109
Surprisingly close race…Green and Welch take the seats.

Broadway Town Council (2-year term)
Woody Beale 270
John M. Eldridge 42
Beale returns to the council.


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